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"My husband and I were immediately so much more comfortable with this contractor's professionalism and attention to detail. I was so thankful that I called to get a second opinion after talking to the first company!"

- Lorena, whose washing machine overflowed, which led to her hiring multiple restoration companies to repair the damage (since she was not comfortable with the first contractors or satisfied with the quality of their work).

To read a longer transcript of her customer satisfaction interview, click here: choose the right company for you! To hear a short portion of her interview, click the triangle below:

"I had hired somebody that did a really bad job (made a mess of things with the city building officials and we were just at a standstill on a project). For whatever reason, the residential contracting and remodeling business tends to attract people that sometimes aren't very ethical....

Now, he has completely turned the project around. He's excellent, very professional, very good communication. You can tell that he really cares. Ten on a scale of one to ten."

- Andrew, a licensed realtor who is also a real estate investor and was renovating a home for resale.

To read a longer transcript of his testimonial (or listen to the full, unedited 13-minute interview), click here: If you could hire a licensed remodeling contractor that was twice the value of other builders, wouldn't you? To see photos of the renovations, click remodeling a home prior to resale.

"He just did a fabulous job, and the best part for me was... I think he's pretty damned ethical. He knew what he was doing and he was always, always very pleasant.

You know, that is the most even-keeled, hard-working individual that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He works like he's 20. He did a great job... and I'm really proud of it. I really was impressed.

You can give somebody my telephone number. If they want to call and talk to me, they can call and talk to me. I am just his number one fan."

- Ruth, who hired one of our contractors to enclose her carport and convert it into a garage (including the installation of the new garage door).

To read a longer transcript of her customer satisfaction interview, click here: carport conversion to a garage. To hear a short section of her interview, click the triangle below:

      "Do NOT try to battle insurance alone.... Unless you are an insurance adjuster and you know the insurance business in and out, you will lose yourself tens of thousands of dollars. So, don't try to do it by yourself!
      That's my bottom line advice to anyone who has a flood or fire or any other kind of issue.... I don't ever give anyone a ten- ever! [laughing] But I would give these guys a ten. The first thing that I noticed was Dane was very cheerful and he's got a great aura about him, so immediately it made me feel less stress."

- Robyn, whose home was damaged (which led to her hiring multiple restoration companies to repair the damage).

Above is a picture of her looking down on a brand new roof. Apparently, her fists are raised up in "boxing position" to remind us that "sometimes, to get your insurance company to follow their own regulations and pressure them to keep their promises, you need to be prepared for a fight."

Robyn shocked me when she revealed that, when our contractor met in person with the insurance adjuster and his supervisor, her insurance company immediately authorized repairs that cost SEVEN TIMES what they had originally approved. If they have dozens of lawyers whose job it is to look for excuses to deny or delay claims to keep costs down for the insurance company, then wouldn't it be a relief to use a restoration contractor who will make sure your claim is approved before the renovations even begin?

She spoke with me for 28 minutes about the frustrations she had with the restoration process and her insurance company, plus why she so strongly recommended our restoration company. Here are a few minutes from that interview:

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