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What is the history of AZ Pros?

1. I started as a marketing consultant (selling newspaper ads and radio ads, which I also wrote, recorded, and edited.)

2. Then I became an online marketing specialist (for another company).

3. Then I started my own company.

4. Finally, a former client made a request....

(Briefly, he wanted me to find a way to make more people aware of his business and the reasons that his former clients recommended him so highly. Plus, he wanted to compensate me based on performance- by providing me a finder's fee or commission rather than paying me in advance. I said yes....)

For more details, play the audio below by clicking the triangle in the center of the image below. There is a transcript below the video.

So, for people who are interested in how this particular website came to be, I am the designer of the site. I started as a marketing consultant in 1999. I started selling newspaper advertising (print ads). Soon after that, one of my clients or customers hired me to sell advertising for a radio station that he was managing and so I started to design and produce radio ads for local businesses.

And then as time went on, the Internet became more and more dominant in marketing and I eventually became an online marketing specialist. I worked for a company that sold services to market web sites. So they would mostly take existing websites and then raise the visibility and rank of those websites (on search engines like Google and Bing).

And I worked for that company in a sales capacity. I wasn't actually doing the design of websites or doing the coding to improve the visibility of the websites and bring more traffic, but I did work for that company....

(Laughing) Even when I was working selling and designing newspaper ads and radio ads, there were issues of professionalism that came to my attention. Some of my clients were more professional than others and some of the organizations that I worked for were more professional than others. So, eventually I started my own company where I made brochures for people. I made logos and business cards, made websites and I also improved the visibility of those websites. And in few cases, I made email campaigns or videos for people to send out through broadcast emails to all of their existing client base.

So, I started my own company several years ago and I brought with me all of my experience at talking to businesses- finding out what really would make sense for them to promote, how they should promote themselves. So I started as a marketing consultant: "how can I help particular business (mostly small businesses) - how can I help them to get more business?"

And then, with my design background of laying out newsletters and brochures and newspaper ads, that really informed how I created websites. So, I taught myself how to program websites... the web developer and webmaster. I code from scratch.

And then I also had clients who already had websites within some kind of a platform (like inside of godaddy). They would have a website builder tool and then I would modify their site within godaddy's website builder tool. So I learned to do all... you know, to use a variety of different platforms and also to code from scratch.

And in late 2015, a former client of mine (one company that had been a client and then wasn't a client for close to a year), he called me out of the blue and said he wanted to hire me again because what I had done for him had been the most successful thing that he had ever done (and he had tried a variety of other things since working with me).

What happened as far as him not working with me as I had lived pretty close to him and then I moved let's say 25 or 30 miles west and that was a factor in him choosing not to work with me because I basically told him for the budget that he had, I wasn't going to go to his office and visit with him you know a whole lot. He wanted a lot of hand-holding and you know he wanted a lot of help in planning his marketing approach and i said i could do that but I wouldn't be available to do it in person at, you know, the rate that... at the level of investment and the marketing budget that he had (that he and i had originally talked about), I wasn't willing to to maintain him as a client.

So anyway, eventually he contacted me and said that he would like for me to work for him again but he would like for me to work on a commission basis which we had never discussed before. He and I discussed it and I chose to do it, and then i also told to other clients of mine (both of whom were lapsed clients, they weren't current clients- they were old clients who have you know us not hired me for close to a year let's say). I contacted those two other companies that I knew would be or I expected would be interested in me getting them business and then paying me for the business that i actually sent to them.

So, i would create a web... content then i would have people contact me or submit a contact form through the website and then I would forward that to their cell phone as a text message right or forward that to their email or otherwise deliver it to them. And so the company would receive that inquiry that request, they would contact the client and if they got the business of that client, then they would compensate me in a pre-arranged way.

So that's basically... how AZ Pros started... is I had all this marketing background and contrasting experiences of frustration, disappointment, of satisfaction, pride etc across the years. I started my own website online marketing company and then a a former client asked me to branch out into taking the risk of me putting in time and then him offering me a commission or finder's fee. And over time I've added other companies.

So businesses can contact me and I will consider them for inclusion in my websites. I am interested in promoting businesses that have a real value for professionalism. So I want them to... I want them to be willing to look over the pages where I talked a little bit about professionalism and I want them to *recognize that that's already where they're coming from (not just that it's a good place to come from, but they're already interested in what i'm calling professionalism).

A little more detail: the the owner of the company that i mentioned a moment ago (that first asked me to do... commissions-based promotions), I contacted a few of his clients and it was his clients who said things about him that really convinced me that it was a good idea to promote him for commissions because they talked about his professionalism and they talked about how much it helped them sort out troubles that they had had with insurance companies or with other service providers that didn't do as good of a job and didn't communicate as well with them. So his former clients are the ones who commented on professionalism and that was already something that I was willing to explore.

So I'm looking for companies who are committed to branding them selves as having professionalism that might be unusual within their region, within their their field.... I want to have a network of companies that really value professionalism. People who would like to do business with professionals who value a great emphasis on professionalism can find those businesses through my websites.

So, that's the long version of the history of AZ Pros. If you'd like to contact me or ask a question, there's a contact us button that might be at the very top of the page where you're on now.