provider to help you promote your health 0:04comma there are a few alternatives that may be most relevant for you 0:38do you prefer to 0:46work with a healthcare professional who uses methods that address the root 0:54causes of Health and illness 1:17four people in the state of Arizona and greater phoenix in particular there are 1:34two service providers that i will feature 1:57one of them uses a very simple concept to understand he focuses on the 2:25level 2:34or left to right alignment of 2:47different joint pairs on the body by joint pairs i mean the hips for the 2:58shoulders where there are a pair of joints on the left and right so he takes 3:17a quick measurement of the high off the ground of the hips and shoulders and 3:34fingertips and ears and other very easy to see indicators of the overall balance 3:49of different parts of the body . in a construction project we will want to 4:05have the foundation level and the first story level and the second story level 4:13and the structure on which we put the roof we also want to be level so his 4:28initial analysis is focused primarily on an extremely objective and simple issue 4:40of 4:51alignment and level 5:07the analytical method that he uses begins with very easy to measure 5:16observations and then he uses x-rays to target the exact way that the skull is 5:34being supported by the neck when the skull is forward or tilted then the neck 5:45must compensate to keep the head up right instead of dangling down because 5:57of gravity many people do not have their heads sitting properly on their shoulder 6:08so that there is no effort required to keep their head up 6:13most people need to actually exert chronic or lasting muscular engagement 6:22to hold their head up that is why their neck and shoulder will be stiff and why 6:29they will experience pain because their muscles are constantly having to hold 6:41their head up 6:42so this is a approach that can be very powerful for relieving pain and tension 6:54however when the 7:01head is off balance and the neck and shoulders are being engaged to support 7:12the head in an awkward position then the shoulders and hips and knees and ankles 7:27will be slightly twisted or lifted on one side to compensate for studying the 7:38head on top of the neck 7:48those slight compensations might be two degrees or six degrees which may seem 7:57very small but involve the compression of muscles and of the openings through 8:06which nerves pass if the nerves are compressed or pinch then that will not 8:18only cause a potential for pain but a restriction of sensitivity and 8:26communication between the brain and whatever other organs and tissues are on 8:31the other end of those nerves muscles that are constantly tends to hold up the 8:47head will also limit circulation that means that nutrition through the 8:57bloodstream cannot reach those tissues as well and it also means that the 9:06by-products of cellular activity cannot be removed through the bloodstream or 9:15the lymphatic drainage system as easily as if those muscles were relaxed or at 9:29least occasionally relaxed and occasionally active 9:43so this first practitioner uses the quick analysis visually of the levels 10:03the extent to which the body is level at various joint pairs such as the hips and 10:12the shoulders and then he uses x-rays to determine what exactly is going on with 10:26the way that the head is being balanced or supported by the neck for people who 10:38have their head off or there 10:49head slightly forward or slightly tilted or slightly off-center then the healthy 10:58coping mechanism of the body is to realign to compensate to keep the head 11:07study and avoid the head falling over 11:17however even better is for the head to be positioned in a way that does not 11:32require the body to constantly exert itself in the shoulders and neck to hold 11:39up the head when i place a gallon of water on a table and step back a few 11:47feet I do not need to keep exerting any energy to hold that gallon of water up 11:55because the table is holding it up 11:58likewise when the head is properly positioned on the neck then the neck and 12:06shoulders do not need to engage any muscles to hold the head in a well 12:17aligned position but even if the alignment is off just a few degrees 12:22forward or a few degrees to one side then the body must use muscular exertion 12:34and tension in order to balance the head in that unbalanced position or poorly 12:44aligned position so this practitioner uses very gentle pressure to the neck 12:57to place the head into a proper position he is trained as a chiropractor 13:08but unlike most chiropractors the adjustment that he makes can remain in 13:19place for many weeks for many months while most chiropractors need to see a 13:25patient several times a week in order to keep putting the back into alignment 13:33instead of focusing on the back.this chiropractor focuses on the head and how 13:40the neck supports the head i have been to dozens of chiropractors in my life 13:51and many of them were helpful i found a chiropractor in the center of Phoenix 14:02who uses the Blair method which is a similar concept to what I have just 14:14described here however that chiropractor again was not as effective apparently 14:28because with that Blair method they were still needing to make adjustments 14:34multiple times a week and then every week for several months instead 14:48the practitioner that i would like to recommend to you is much gentler and his 15:00pressure and does not snap or thrust his pressure is extremely gentle and 15:27as I already specified it is typical that people will need to see him only a 15:51couple of times a month at first and then a few times a year as a specific 16:02example of the kind of health implications that a proper adjustment of 16:11the net can have i will mention something that happened with my wife she 16:19had been having menstration every other month because only one of her ovaries 16:25was in communication with her brain the other ovary was not getting the signals 16:36from the brain or other endocrine glands to begin administration 16:55so after a few of these very gentle adjustments just below her ear 17:23there was a relaxing of the muscles and her neck and shoulders and all the way 17:34down her back and spine the specific vertebrae that has the nerve that goes 17:54to the ovaries was never 18:10a target of focus for this chiropractor he simply position the head properly so 18:18that the shoulders and neck didn't need to strain constantly to hold up the head 18:25she was startled 18:30my wife was startled when her menstrual cycle once again was every single months 18:42instead of only one ovary getting fired every other month both ovaries were 18:48firing so that she had a period every month as many people know periods are a 19:08period of time when the entire body is releasing toxins that have been stored 19:15inside the cells and those sell those toxins are dumped out through the 19:21menstrual flow so when there is acidity and toxicity within the cells that is in 19:34quarantine or isolated and then that acidity and toxicity is released out 19:41into the bloodstream that corresponds to the irritability and sensitivity that 19:51many people know as premenstrual syndrome or p $OPERAND m/s 20:02so my wife had a rather heavy . with a lot of volume when her ovary that had 20:29not been active was finally back in communication with her brain 20:49since then she has been to that same practitioner a few times across several 21:00months and things have continued to improve although that resumption of both 21:14of her ovaries being active was one of the most dramatic and unexpected 21:18developments that she has ever had in her hole personal history of using 21:35healthcare providers so while that method is relatively easy to understand 21:49and dramatic it is not the only one that will be relevant for everyone 21:53some people of course already have their heads properly positioned even though 22:01that is relatively rare in our culture it will be the case for some people so 22:08in addition to that first practitioner there's a second practitioner that I 22:15also can recommend to people who are in the Phoenix area most everyone will 22:22benefit from a consultation and services from this practitioner instead of 22:33focusing so much on physical structure he focuses more on the interior 22:41chemistry but he is also originally trained as a chiropractor 22:50however what he has done for my wife and I is to identify for us specific 23:00foods to avoid as well as some recommendations about what would be best 23:12for us to eat he does some pressure on muscles but he also does not do any 23:33snapping or twisting or thrusting at least he has not done so so far with us 24:14the methods that he uses involve a step-by-step testing of a series of 24:26common triggers for biochemical 25:02triggers that require a healing response that includes infections relating to 25:12bacteria as well as any kind of yeast or fungus 25:36most people may not be aware of the amount of infection present in their 25:46body everyday they most people will only notice a sudden increase in infection or 26:01rash they don't know that their normal level of infection is actually something 26:14that they can reduce if people are allergic to a wide variety of foods that 26:20is not a sign of a healthy immune system that is a sign of an immune system that 26:25is in stress constantly and can easily be pushed over the threshold into an 26:35eruption of illness 26:38the idea here is to temporarily remove foods that are triggering an allergic 26:53response and those foods can be reintroduced just 10 days later and no 27:03longer spark a negative effect however which foods will 27:17however different people will be sensitive to different foods it also can 27:31be valuable to take certain supplements or eat certain kinds of foods that 27:42specifically support the function of a particular organ or gland so this second 27:52practitioner has a much more elaborate and complex system 28:12for people who have systemic inflammation such as fibromyalgia and 28:21general pain his services can be especially valuable for further 28:35information please use the contact options on this page and submit an 28:45inquiry