or people who are interested in promoting their financial condition here 0:17are three categories of service that may be of interest you 0:31number one is asset protection number two 1:15is partnering with a skilled account manager who can manage your investment 1:26investments to keep you allocated and highly profitable investments and keep 1:44you away from the least favorable investments number three is 2:05debt management services including the negotiation of reduced settlements 2:28my own exploration of financial services began in the summer of $YEAR 2002 and I 2:43was startled by the simplicity and significance of some of the first things 2:56that i found i began publishing investment analysis articles in early 3:05$MONTH 2003 i was explaining why the stock markets throughout the world had 3:20fallen so sharply from the year 2000 to the year 2000 to $YEAR was also talking 3:29about why there would be a wave of real estate declines throughout Europe and 3:38the US and so on a big factor is the existence of the baby boom and the 3:49retiring of that generation of people in many parts of the world there was a 3:58declining birth rates during World War Two as men were sent far away to from 4:10home to be involved in the war and when the soldiers and other 4:26when the soldiers returned home and the frenzy and stress of wartime production 4:40relaxed then there was an increase in the birth rate in many parts of the 4:50world from the United States to Europe to Russia North Africa China and Japan 5:22eventually that sudden increase in birth rate moved dropped back toward a birth 5:38rate that was eventually that sudden increase in the birthrate did drop 5:59so by early $MONTH 2003 I was clear about some of the main reasons why 6:07investment trends cycle through real estate and stocks and bonds markets as 6:16well as secondary markets like precious metal metals then 2004 i encountered 6:30another extremely simple issue in my research which was the issue of 6:58crude oil production slowing down and then plateauing and inevitably 7:12decreasing 7:21starting in $MONTH 2004 i publish articles in which I detailed what would 7:26happen to fuel prices including for gasoline throughout the world within the 7:34next few years and what consequences would be produced by that surge in 7:44prices for gasoline and crude oil that's sequence of events that i forecast is 7:56precisely what happened in Europe and the US and other parts of the world in 8:04two thousand six seven eight and nine 8:13I found it quite easy to recognize the long-term issues and avoid the biggest 8:26risks that so many mainstream investors 8:40that produced big losses for so many mainstream investors 9:02not only did I learn how easy it could be to measure risk but also how easy it 9:13would be to measure opportunity not only did mainstream investors have a tendency 9:22to congregate together and rather risky investments such as the US financial 9:38sector as of $MONTH 2007 but as the mainstream investors were concentrating 9:52in these least promising and most risky investments they also were completely 10:05unaware of the best opportunities and best values starting in $MONTH 2003 10:20I 10:26opened at investment account and traded within a few years I began managing the 10:35investment accounts of other people 10:39one of the rather notable developments or results of the recent past was that 11:02on d single day that most stock market investors lost the most money in 2005 on 11:15that same day i produced profits of over fifty percent in just a few hours the 11:27exact same issues that most investors were 11:44position to lose money where the same issues that i was positioned to be the 11:54recipient of that massive and sudden transfer of wealth 11:59it's not that a huge number of houses were built or demolished in a single day 12:12is not that huge number of companies were started or 12:27discontinued on a certain day all that happened was that ownership shifted even 12:38when the price of silver and dollars fell 13:10enormously in a single day in early $MONTH 2006 that was not a loss of 13:24wealth that was a redistribution of value 13:38that was a redistribution of purchasing power so i understand what investment 13:51markets are formed how they work 13:53I understand what exchanges are for and how they work including stock exchanges 13:58and commodity exchanges I understand how to identify the long-term factors and 14:07the short-term factors that predictably move prices way up or way down 14:15I know the specific investments to use to concentrate opportunity with a small 14:27amount of money into positions that have a very high probability of a very large 14:35profit sometimes in a very short amount of time as far as the other two subjects 14:49of debt management and asset protection i personally don't think that my story 15:05of how i got familiar with those fields and how i became aware of some of the 15:15benefits will be as interesting to most people as a brief note 15:32in 2007 I had a client come to me with about twenty thousand dollars in credit 15:43card debt to a single bank i was able to obtain an offer from that bank for them 15:53to accept a ninety percent discount of that debt the credit card holder would 16:05only have to pay back ten percent or around two thousand dollars and the rest 16:10of the debt would be forgiven 16:15that is just one quick example for people who are interested in any of the 16:30services mentioned here they can contact me using the contact button at the top 16:44of the page 16:50as a quick note on asset protection 16:54most people are not aware of how they can set up their investment accounts to 17:02be tax-exempt not just tax-deferred like most IRS but tax-exempt further their 17:11real-estate & vehicles can be placed in a legal shelter which is also tax-exempt 17:20in other words it is optional to pay property taxes 17:41if they want to put their assets into a tax-exempt shelter they can do it just 17:50like so many wealthy people have done for so long 17:57however most people choose to focus on other subjects than preserving their own 18:09financial wealth and promoting their financial condition to the fullest 18:18extent possible so they pay property taxes rather than use tax exempt 18:24shelters 18:26however what if it were easy and simple to take advantage of the protections 18:38built into our court system and legal system 18:43what if 19:16you not only reduce your exposure to taxes but increased your 19:32protection against predators and debt collectors the court system has the 19:41court system and the legal system has built-in methods for sheltering or 19:46protecting your assets but the vast majority of people do not use those 19:53rights and those privileges and so by default they defer to the debt 20:09collectors and creditors naturally it is not in the interest of tax agencies and 20:19court systems to inform the general public about all of the protections that 20:26are available to the general public 20:28otherwise 20:38the revenues of the tax agencies would decline considerably 20:56for more information on asset protection methods or on death's management or on 21:05investment account management contact me now